Tips on how to buy tickets for El Clasico (Barcelona V Real Madrid)

It’s the biggest game in the world and the prices on resale platforms such as Viagogo reflect this.

However, it is possible to get tickets for El Clasico at face value. La Liga is renowned for being a nightmare for football tourists as the television schedule only gets planned a few weeks in advance of fixtures. But Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid all must play on a Saturday or Sunday, making it a bit easier to plan and see the big three. For face value El Clasico you must hold your nerve and wait until the day before the game to purchase tickets, but, they will be available.

You will see tickets on Viagogo for El Classico going for four or five times over face value, these tickets mainly come from members who religiously sell their El Clasico tickets to fund their season tickets. Here is how you get El Clasico tickets at face value.

  1. Firstly, as always, head to Barcelona’s website and register your details, this will make it easier when it comes to buy tickets.
  2. El Classico tickets only go on general sale the day before the game. For the 2016/17 at Barcelona tickets went on general sale at 3pm GMT on the Friday, with the game being played at 3pm GMT on the Saturday. The news section on Barcelona’s website will inform you of the date and time when general sale tickets will go on sale so it’s imperative to keep tabs on their website.
  3. When tickets get released for general sale simply go to Barcelona’s ticket site, select how many tickets you require and add them to your basket. When I bought my El Clasico tickets there was tickets available up until kick off for face value. You may struggle to get 2 tickets together but single tickets were relatively easy to come by.

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